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Our Mission is to be recognized as the intelligent process assistant of choice in the mortgage/lending industry.

  • We can help you get to the right data for the right loan package to the right mortgage originators, servicers, and capital market participants at the right time.

  • We can help you achieve exceptional productivity advantages to close and get  deals funded.

  • We can reduce the amount of effort needed to prepare or review loan applications for rapid evaluations and decisions by 30% or greater.

  • We partner with mortgage organizations to maximize productivity through an accelerated, accurate back-office workflow optimization, data capture, and validation process platform.

  • SBIQ is Cybersoft Inc.'s web-based, service solution delivery platform for mortgage lenders and servicers.

Our Mission: About


During the last > 10 years, we collaborated/partnered with existing originators to provide a better user interface for their respective mortgage application processes, building the necessary integration points for their users, their customers, and automation systems of choice.

After thousands of new mortgages and use cases flowed through SBIQ, sourced from many different lenders, we all gained a rich source of information and experiences which allowed us to continuously improve the platform and further shorten the full closing process for our clients and partners.

Small broker organizations to large wholesale lending clients quickly gained appreciation for SBIQ's persistent focus on data accuracy, data portability and the resulting operational efficiencies.

Our Mission: About
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