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Intelligent document handling and management.

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Our basic offering is to organize your documents. By using a hybrid of digital and automated solutions - supported by a team of quality analysts, SafeboxIQ output are expected to be:

  • 100% of documents coming from blobs or unorganized files are split and unitized into their correct resulting documents

  • 100% of documents are named and categorized; normalized naming and labeling is based on industry standards with accuracy of 99.95%

  • Using the software platform, you can sort your documents to configurable folders, or map them to your eFolders if there is integration with your LOS or POS

  • SafeboxIQ ensures secure cloud storage with 99% up-time commitment and data encrypted at rest

  • Customizable messages to your clients with secure upload links with with the convenience of drag and drop functionality

  • Users receive notifications once documents are uploaded and processed


When reporting operates like an assembly line, moving mortgage data in a serial fashion, it is difficult for the organization to see a comprehensive view of the trends and gaps.

We offer select mortgage partners alternatives that can offer tangible benefits by combining digital and automated solutions, enhanced with BPO subject-matter experts. Our managed services solution can accelerate smart automation, where loan teams save time, effort, and costs by eliminating certain tasks (manually flipping back and forth between the documents and the Loan Origination System).

We collaborate with you to deliver the most direct path to scalability to manage demand shifts, cost management, and overall cycle time improvement that reduces time-to-close and improve customer service.

Here are just examples of where we would be able to help you with:

  • Third Party Ordering (Appraisals, VOE, Title, others)

  • Processor Assistance / Setup for Submission

  • Borrower Lead Generation

  • Specific Processes that your branch / team needs handled

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SafeboxIQ as a software platform is made specifically for mortgage professionals.

Services: Features
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  • Best for doing pre-qualification 

  • Data from documents are extracted and consumed using automation and proprietary tools

  • Computes income sources once documents are processed

  • Supports most wage-earner, self-employed, and passive income scenarios

  • Results are displayed based on industry standard analysis spreadsheets

  • Choose income sources and computation from the results


  • Work together with team members through the Conversation Log

  • Make notes visible on the document with Sticky Notes

  • View and comment on documents for your team without downloading

  • See a files audit trail through the Timeline



  • Enables you to send your borrower a "Needs list"

  • Find out the "gaps" upon receiving documents

  • Send upload link to borrower through Guest Access Management via email specifying “gaps” detected for loan

  • Configurable document checklists for different loan products and requirements


  • Assemble submissions as easy as clicks and drags

  • Use customized templates for instant assemble - make a package in seconds

  • Save as one PDF or a sorted ZIP file - depending on your submission needs

  • An option for seamless to your LOS via systems integration

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  • Pipeline reports for users

  • Timestamps on milestones and time spent per stage

  • Feature to email other users for inquiries on performance metrics 

  • Manager and team views for group performance monitoring

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