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SafeboxIQ was developed in 2011 by Cybersoft Inc. as a response to emerging business models and the growing need of mortgage brokers and bankers for a solution that is paperless, efficient, and secure.

SafeboxIQ's unique model of outsourced services and automation enables the flow of electronic documents to be properly coordinated and organized for processing, distribution, storage, and retrieval. 

Cybersoft Inc. is a California corporation that has been in the technology and outsourcing industry for close to 30 years now. As a leading, trusted, pioneering enterprise in the industry verticals it serves, the company collaborates with both global and domestic firms to accelerate operational efficiency and overcome critical business challenges. Cybersoft delivers a unique range of comprehensive, completely integrated, sector-specific technology solutions and services through the company’s rich expertise in data management, business process operations and its technology platform.

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