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The SBIQ service solution integrates with leading Loan Origination Systems. The goal is to ensure a seamless, governed, and intuitive exchange of data, documents and transactional events between your ”LOS system -in- place" (i.e., Encompass) and the SBIQ platform while simplifying workflow experiences for mortgage loan service organizations altogether.

SBIQ scales and integrates with Encompass' using their native "Webhooks" API.  As a certified "Encompass Partner Connect" solution provider, SBIQ is positioned to deliver accuracy, significant efficiencies and a better user experience across various phases in their respective processes.

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Encompass Integration: About


they will benefit from the following services:

Encompass Integration: Services

Consistency of documents will be observed as they are fed to your LOS' eFolders. Expect the benefits below:

  • Documents split (or merged) into its smallest unit of document type classification

  • Page sequences of documents will always be arranged in ascending order

  • Every attachment inside a document “bucket” will be labeled in a very descriptive manner

  • Attachments will be moved to its most appropriate document “bucket”

  • Page orientations will be adjusted to all display in portrait mode

A SafeboxIQ web platform that performs these tasks can also be accessed with all other features that can be used:

  • Income Summary presentation

  • Asset Summary presentation

  • Needs list and Gap analysis feature

  • Automated notifications

  • Reporting dashboards

  • And many more

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